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Thread: Where to Sit on the new 777-300ER on United Airlines

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    Where to Sit on the new 777-300ER on United Airlines

    United is rolling out the 777-300ER to its fleet. These planes will be the first to feature the new Polaris business class seating, with direct aisle access.

    Information about the plane from the United website is here

    The plane features 60 Polaris class seats, 102 Economy plus seats, and 204 Economy seats. The 1:2 ratio of E+ to E is better than the 747 (~1:2.5) that this plane will generally replace, although worse than some of the 777-200 (UA 1:1; CO 1:2) it will replace on some routes. All economy seating is in a 3-4-3 format (except for 2-4-2 in the last two rows of the plane).

    Seat width in economy is 17", down from the 18" in the sUA 777-200, and slightly narrower than the 787 width of 17.3". Bassinets are provided in 19EF, 23EF, and 40EF - the center seats on the three bulkhead rows.

    Polaris seats have their own power outlets; Economy seats also have power (2 outlets per 3 seats or 3 per 4 seats). Each seat has a dedicated USB power port as well.

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    like having the bunker seats. that way you could have 3 times more seats with the same passenger comfort.

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    That plane is very nice. Look at the Polaris businesss, they seem to have a lot of space for their legs hahaha.

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