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Thread: Eight tips for reducing travel costs

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    Eight tips for reducing travel costs

    1. Research hotels before you go. Once you get there you won’t see comparisons, prices, amenities, or know what a good deal is, but online you can see all these things. Even if you decide not to book in advance, do the research in advance and have a plan A and plan B.

    2. If you are flying consider low budget carriers, especially for overseas travel, you can fly on several from vaarious US airports and save a ton of money.

    3. Use a credit card that has 0% foreign transaction fees. This saves on ATM fees and conversion rates, and it also gives you the bonus of earning miles or cash back. you can rack up a ton of hincurs uge expsenses without one even a trip to Canada foreign transaction fees.

    4. Travel in the off season. If you can be flexible with your dates, traveling in the off-season will make it possible for you to see those touristy places without such a price tag. Hotels are often marked down greatly during these times.

    5. Know your budget limits and stick to them. It is easy to give in to pressure on the spot, but if you’re tight on spending, stand your ground, even if that means going to another hotel, another restaurant, or another tour company for a better price.

    6. Use your smartphone to get free WiFi. You can book your entire trip on the go by knowing how to use your smartphone without incurring data charges. Of course, you’ll need to learn how to use your smartphone with WiFi and Airplane Mode so it doesn’t cost you anything.

    7. Bargain with street sellers. You can often start with half the price and work your way up from there. (Make sure you have exact change when you do this).

    8. Avoid big, fancy restaurants. The number one rule for finding the best, cheapest food while traveling is to go where the locals go. The best places are on the side streets and back alleys. A good way to test a restaurant is to look inside: if you see tourists, move on, if you see locals, you’re in the right place.

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    These are some good points !! I never stick to my budget

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    Create an In-house Booking System. Along with a specific travel policy designate one person (or an online service) to book travel for your company. Using a company credit card can also offer additional benefits such as free car rental insurance and air miles that include lower travel costs for business travel

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    If you're after cheap accommodation during the summer months some Universities open their dorms up for bookings. I've booked rooms in Central London for 1/3 of the price of what you'd expect to pay for a hotel and had breakfast and WiFi included.

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