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Thread: Changes to Ultimate Reservation Guarantee

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    Changes to Ultimate Reservation Guarantee

    It looks like Marriott changed their ultimate reservation guarantee slightly. It used to indicate one would receive cash + points (

    The new policy ( indicates still cash, but now room certificates. The catch, I can't figure out what category room certificates it is for. Is it for the same hotel? Is it just for the same category as the hotel (or category 1 - to whatever category hotel that is)? Are there expiration on the certificates vs. points don't expire if you continue to earn/use.

    I don't think one would end up losing too much on the change, but just interesting on perhaps why they moved to certificates now.

    Another change of note on the PAG, it now specifically calls out a $10 F&B credit. In the past, it was just a F&B amenity @ JW/Marriott/Renaissance/AC

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    Changes to Ultimate Reservation Guarantee

    Is there any need for someone to do that now that all the code is in a github repository?

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