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Thread: Must have App - Internet Passwords for most Major Airports on a Map

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    Must have App - Internet Passwords for most Major Airports on a Map

    If you want to use the Internet at the airport, you often either have to have a Boingo account which can be expensive or suffer with hte airporrts free unreliable internet. Thanks to an idea from Anil Polat, we can now surf the net free of charge at many airports worldwide.

    WiFox Is A Continuously Updated Map Of Wireless Passwords From Airports And Lounges Worldwide, this app is available on IOS and Android as well.

    It was developed by Anil Polat, a travel blogger who, with the help of his Internet community, started collecting the WLAN passwords for the world’s airports a few months ago has also promised to regularly update the app, since passwords can change.

    Access data for over 160 WLANs can be found on this interactive map. On top of that, Polat has provided some tips for airport visitors on how to get online for free where there’s no complimentary wi-fi.

    Must have App  -  Internet Passwords for most Major Airports on a Map-wifox-map-jpg

    Some other WiFox Features

    Copy Passwords Directly – Wifi icons on the worldwide map indicate if password information is available. You can find the lounge or terminal where wireless is available and copy the password directly from WiFox into your phone’s settings.

    Unlock Time Restrictions – Access points with time limits are also shown but WiFox shows you how to get around time-based restrictions.

    Updated In Real-Time – Travelers can rate password information, letting me know if it might need a update or send an updated password for verification directly through WiFox.

    Rating System Keeps Password Information Current – WiFox’s wifi icons are color coded to let you know how fresh and reliable a given access point’s password information is.

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