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Thread: Cheaper tickets and more flights coming in 2017

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    Cheaper tickets and more flights coming in 2017

    Report: Cheap tickets, more flights coming in 2017

    Good news for travelers prepare for lower airfares and more flight options in 2017.

    That's the word from travel industry experts Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC). The pair just released a new report on worldwide air travel trends.

    Unfortunately with most loyalty program going to fare based earnings it may mean even less miles earned per flight, but with cheaper flights and lower first class fares you may find opportunities to dramatically reduce the time it takes to earn elite status.

    Cheaper tickets and more flights coming in 2017-flyfirstclass-jpg

    The anticipated drop in airfare prices and likelihood of seeing more flights from more airlines means 2017 is likely to be a "banner year for travelers taking to the skies," according to the report, which is based on an analysis of data from billions of passenger flights.

    The Expedia-ARC report says average ticket prices are dropping globally. This year, the average price for an economy class ticket fell to its lowest level since 2013. Things are looking even better for 2017.

    Here are 2 other points from the report thought neither point really applies to Business travelers.

    Best airfare deals: According to the report, the best deals on plane tickets are generally found with weekend ticket purchases, as long as you book about 21 days ahead of time. Sundays are especially good ticket-buying days, says Expedia.

    Saturday stay: In most regions of the world, staying at your travel destination through Saturday night ensures you're getting the best price.

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    we be easy to travel with low price great

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    thats great more flight coming soon

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