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JetBlue Mint Experience
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Thread: JetBlue Mint Experience

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    JetBlue Mint Experience

    Preface: I needed to be in LA for a wedding and due to some odd occurrences I ended up in NY first and thus found myself looking around for a way to get to LAX in a Premium Cabin a little hard to do last minute.

    Enter JetBlue which up until that point I had heard of, but never flew due to their lack of presence in the Dallas area (might have changed, not sure really).

    I want to say that I liked it and I sort of did, the Flight Attendant really tried hard and she made the flight, but the actual service was interesting, not bad, just didn't feel Premium and maybe I was expecting too much, I rarely fly transcons and I sort of had an idea in my head that maybe truly does not exist and I am willing to admit that. Granted, I am used to American and it has taken a nose dive since the merger, so maybe really nobody is amazing anymore?

    The crux of the issue was the food and presentation and here are my thoughts, again truthfully I do not have much of a reference point as I do not live on the coasts and just do not fly all that much and the few times that I do fly in Premium Cabins it is generally to Europe to visit the Wife's parents, so I openly admit my reference point might be totally off.

    5 choices with two being cold and 3 hot in theory makes sense, but in practice just seemed cheap. The taste was fine, nothing wrong there, but I would have preferred a real appetizer course, followed by a salad course, then an entree course and so forth and so on.

    Instead I got three square casserole type dishes presented on a tray along with a cold piece of bread, it all seemed a little more like IKEA and less like a Premium Product. I asked the Flight Attendant if the bread is supposed to be served warm and she no, they want me to serve it cold, but I would be happy to warm it up for you. It was much better warmed up and I really fail to understand why JetBlue would want it served cold, does it cost more to heat it?

    Then dessert, the theme continued and to be fair maybe they are providing really high quality Ice Cream (I truly do not know as I am not from NY and might have missed the reference to a Ice Cream company in Brooklyn), but would it kill them to serve it in a China Bowl? I am cool eating right out of the pint container when at home on the couch but in a Premium Cabin I sort of expect to be served on China or some sort of dishware.

    All in all, it was not bad, the Flight Attendant, really everyone I came in contact with at JetBlue was really nice and helpful so credit where credit is due, but the service just felt really cheap chic. Granted, I was not paying serious amounts of change either, but I felt for the price the food and the presentation could have been better.

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    How is that business class? that looks more like above first class ultra expensive?

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