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Thread: Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai India

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    Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai India

    aj Palace Hotel but this hotel seems to be very busy! I hope some good food will be there! Kind of like goat curry you can say curry goat satay and it smells a bet strong but it tastes very good! I tasted Curry goat before but I don't know it will taste the same in Mumbai! all the way good for your videos! nice and thanks for making the video and sharing with everyone! Hum! Interesting!~

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    Luckily I will get to return to the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel this coming January! I will definitely update my videos afterwards!

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    I had stayed at oberoi some weeks ago.. It was fabulous but in my room the wifi was a little slow and once I had ordered sushi for appetisers but it didn't came then I had to remind the waiter.. Otherwise gorgeous food, rooms etc. 

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    Just to think of what is happening to such a beautiful place at this very moment! An absolutely stunning building being destroyed by a bunch of idiotic, coward children! They will pay for this! And for all the lives they have cost!!

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