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Thread: How much are frontier miles worth?

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    How much are frontier miles worth?

    What are yalls estimate on how much these are worth? I have 50K that I am having a hard time using. I would love for someone to take them off my hands, but im afraid they don't have much value b/c of the frequent sales.

    How do you maximize value?

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    I think they are worth quite a bit. You got 50K you say? You should definitely try and sell them.

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    Wow, if you have 50k you should make quite a bit of money with that. Do try to sell it.

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    What Is A Point or Mile Worth? My New Monthly Valuation Series
    PROGRAM 2013 Value What Changed?
    Delta 1.5 cents Huge award chart devaluations and earning changes in 2015 plus unknown chart changes in the future
    Frontier 1.3 cents New fees
    JetBlue 1-1.3 cents No changes
    Southwest 1.8 cents Point devaluation

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