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Thread: How to improve Delta?

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    How to improve Delta?

    What would you do to improve or add value to Delta? Please avoid the usual gripes about elite statuses and mileage devaluation. Focus on something real, concrete. Hard or soft products.

    I'll begin:

    1) Enhancements to Sky Clubs in MSP and DTW, specifically more showers and private space or private lounges for international business-class passengers, including meals or coupons for in-airport dining per passenger per international flight.

    And since I'm starting this thread, I'll take a point of personal privilege and add a second thing:

    2) So-called book the chef; that is, custom ordering pre-flight of meals either complimentary (international business-class) or for a fee on domestic routes. I'm a pescetarian, which means in more cases than not I can't eat what's offered and there's no special meal for vegans or pescetarian.

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    I agree with you about the food. I think they should offer a wide variety of pallets for any kind of passenger, be he vegan, pescetarian or otherwise. That is just a good way to attract customers.

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