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Delta Diamond Medallion Benefits and Qualification
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Thread: Delta Diamond Medallion Benefits and Qualification

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    Delta Diamond Medallion Benefits and Qualification

    Qualification for Delta Diamond Medallion

    Diamond Medallion is Delta’s highest level of elite status that you can earn. Starting in 2015 Delta changed how you earn this coveted status here are the 2 requirements:

    1. Diamond status is earned after flying 125,000 Medallion Qualification Miles [MQM's] or racking up 140 Medallion Qualification Segments [MQS's].

    2. You must also spend at least $12,500 on Delta throughout the year, or spend at least $25,000 on a Delta American Express card in the calendar year.

    So to even think about getting Diamond status you have to either fly an average of about 2400 miles a week or about 2.5 segments a week. Every airline have recently increased the number of segments needed for top tier status.

    Below you will find the most useful benefits of your new Diamond Medallion Status, enjoy it you earned it !!


    Once you’ve earned Diamond Medallion Status, you can begin taking advantage of numerous benefits on Delta.

    1. Complimentary Upgrades: Diamond Medallion members are eligible for space-available complimentary upgrades on coach tickets in all fare classes for flights within the U.S. (excluding Hawaii), Bermuda, Canada, Central America, and Northern South America. This also extends to one companion on the same flight, and, like Gold and Platinum Medallion flyers, Diamond Medallion members can earn upgrades on both award tickets and Pay With Miles tickets. However you will NOT be upgraded on every lfight, you are just elegible for a upgrade.

    If space is available, full Y fares will clear at time of booking, while all other classes will clear 5 days in advance if available. Even though this is the same window as Platinum Medallions, Diamonds are given priority, as long as they are ticketed and confirmed by the time Delta runs the upgrade sweep.

    2. Mileage Bonus: On every paid flight, Diamond Medallion members receive a 125% mileage bonus, slightly higher than the 100% that Golds and Platinums receive. Remember that these bonus miles do not count as MQM’s but instead are additional redeemable miles that can be applied towards future award tickets. For example, a simple one-way flight between Orlando and Atlanta would earn a regular member 500 miles; that same flight would earn a Diamond Medallion member 1,125 miles.

    3. Preferred Seating: Diamond Medallion members are also entitled to the same preferred Economy Class seating as Platinum Medallions: rows closer to the front of the plane, exit rows, and free Economy Comfort seats on both domestic and international flights, with additional legroom and (for long-haul Delta- and KLM-operated flights), additional recline and complimentary beer, wine, and spirits.

    4. Baggage Fee Waiver: Diamond Medallion members enjoy the same checked bag fee waiver as Golds and Platinums: one free bag over the standard allowance on every flight as well as two free bags on domestic flights. This benefit extends to up to 8 additional travelers on the same reservation as the Medallion member.

    5. Same-Day Confirmed/Standby Fee Waiver: Diamond Medallions also enjoy the same-day confirmed/standby fee waivers that apply to Gold and Platinum travelers. If your originally booked fare class is available on another flight on the same day of your scheduled departure, Diamond Medallion members can now switch to that flight for free within 24 hours of the original flight time. Even if the fare class isn’t available, Diamond flyers can standby on the desired flight for free as well. Both of these options cost Silver Medallions and non-status flyers $50.

    6. Waived Award Redposit/Reissue Fees: As a Diamond flyer, you are entitled to the same flexibility on award tickets as Platinum Medallions: unlimited changes and cancellations. Given how stingy Delta can be at releasing low-level (saver) award seats, this flexibility can be huge:

    1) If your desired flights are only available at the mid (standard) or high (peak) levels at the time of booking, you can get miles back for free if low (saver) seats open up closer to departure (again, as long as it’s more than 72 hours prior to your departure).

    2) If the only routing you can find with saver availability includes an early morning flight, four segments, an unwanted overnight, or is otherwise less-than-ideal, you can switch to a more direct routing for free if one becomes available after booking.

    3) If something comes up that prevents you from taking trip, you can cancel the award tickets, get the miles back into your account, and get a full refund of the taxes and fees paid…no questions asked. No need to share (or create!) a sob story in an effort to find a sympathetic phone agent to cancel the trip without fees; that’s part of the benefit.

    7. Priority check-in, Security, and Boarding: Like Gold and Platinum members, Diamond Medallion flyers are entitled to full Sky Priority benefits on all Delta flights, regardless of the class of service they have booked. This allows them to utilize Sky Priority check-in lines and access preferred security lines (where available). It also offers what’s known as “Sky Zone” boarding; this occurs after First/Business class but before Silver Medallion members and the rest of Zone 1.

    8. SkyTeam Elite Plus Status: Diamond Medallion members traveling on a SkyTeam flight will automatically have their status recognized as “SkyTeam Elite Plus,” which offers valuable benefits when traveling internationally, including priority check-in, boarding, airport standby, preferred seating (when available), priority baggage handling and lounge access for them and a guest when traveling in any class of service on an international or connecting SkyTeam flight. Simply show your boarding pass with your status at the lounge entrance (though you may want to have your Diamond Medallion card in case the status isn’t reflected on the boarding pass). A complete list of accessible lounges is available here; just be sure to filter to those locations for “Delta SkyTeam Elite Plus Member” at the right-hand side.

    9. Complimentary Sky Club Membership: In addition to gaining access to Sky Clubs and partner lounges when traveling internationally, Diamond Medallions also have full Sky Club membership included as part of their benefits package. The membership will be valid for as long as you maintain your Diamond status, so if you recently crossed the threshold into the realm of Diamond Medallion, your Sky Club membership would be valid until February 28th, 2015. If you then requalify again in 2014, the Sky Club membership will be extended through February 29th, 2016.

    10. Choice Benefits: Once you have obtained Diamond Medallion status with Delta, you are automatically entitled to the “Choice Benefits” program. Diamond flyers can choose two of the following: six Systemwide Upgrade Certificates (though these can only be used on K+ fares in the U.S./Canada/Caribbean/Bermuda/Mexico and M+ fares on long-haul flights), six Delta SkyClub one-day passes, 25,000 bonus miles, a $200 voucher with Tiffany’s, a $200 voucher with Delta, or the ability to gift Gold status to a designated friend/family member.

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    I think the benefits they offer after you reach this status, are really worth getting it, for sure.

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