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Thread: Is Delta's 1st class monetization cutting out elite upgrades ?

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    Is Delta's 1st class monetization cutting out elite upgrades ?

    Delta's FCM or First Class Monetization may be cutting down on the number of free upgrades elites are getting on domestic flights. To review FCM happens when Delta offers a flyer a deal to upgrade their Economy Ticket to a FC ticket for a much lower price than it would cost to buy the ticket normally, and you can upgrade right up to the time you board your plane in some cases.

    Elites can be upgraded to FC anytime from 96 hours from flight time up to boarding time, but it now appears that Delta is not upgrading its elite members that far out, so they can sell those FC seats and increase revenue.

    Some elite members of SkyMiles are not very impressed here are some quotes from around the web:

    From a Delta Plat. member - The strangest thing happened today, five days out comes and goes with 8 seats open in first class and nobody gets upgraded, five hours before flight, still no movement, They sold 6 of the upgrades to a family and left 2 seats to rot.

    From a Diamond member - I was 1/25 for a flight from LAX to SLC on an expensive ticket a few weeks ago and didn't get the upgrade despite there being about 8 seats an hour out. Diamond status for upgrades is worthless anymore

    There are several more stories out there, if you know of any let us know !!

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    Seems like a money grab to me. But they have to try. I mean, they need to make a buck like everybody else.

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    yes its like a money grab

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