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Thread: What makes you fly British Airways?

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    What makes you fly British Airways?

    Initially, I flew BA because it was the only airline that flew direct to PHX and aside from a brief period in the early noughties when Scheißtansa did albeit from FRA, they still are (the lack of competition at PHX to Europe still annoys me). Shortly thereafter, I got locked into the BAEC. These days the travel is to FRA and BA makes sense, particularly now as I live outside of London and LCY is closer than LHR.

    I am loyal up to a point. I'm very happy to use another OW airline and AA has definitely upped its game over the past couple of years.

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    BA has some really cool service and they are really friendly to their passengers for sure. I have only flown with them 2 times, but both times was really satisfying.

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    I love all of British airways A airline that really understands Indian culture. Thank you your wonderful caring cabin crews.

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    enjoyed your little personal comments this time ) Interesting that you are a nervous flyer, since you travel so much. Myself, I neve was one, but I must confess a car accident and a terrorist attack at close proximity has made me more jittery the past few years... of anything including flying. That's life i suppose.

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