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Thread: AA Airport Upgrade and Standby Order, the PALL list

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    AA Airport Upgrade and Standby Order, the PALL list

    NOTE: In 2017, your travel companion will "borrow" your PALL listing

    Main PALL list codes
    . Passengers are ordered by code, then elite status, then other time-based factors. Additional codes may be entered to designate other information, such as companions traveling together.
    ● OS# = Confirmed Economy passenger awaiting seat assignment.
    ● RF = Confirmed First Class passenger awaiting seat assignment.
    ● DSR# = Standby First Class passenger, confirmed in Economy.
    ● VIP1 = Executive Platinum awaiting a SWU upgrade. Same priority as UPG1.
    ● VIP = Non-Executive Platinum member awaiting a SWU upgrade (gifted or received via Million Miler). Same priority as UPG (non-status).
    ● UPG# = Confirmed Economy passenger awaiting mileage, complimentary, or elite sticker upgrade.
    .........Within a status group, passengers are ordered by date and time of original request.
    ● RI# = Revenue involuntary standby passenger (bumped from another flight due to oversold condition or travel disruptions).
    .........Within a status group, passengers are ordered by check-in time.
    ● RV# = Revenue voluntary standby passenger. Within a status group, passengers are ordered by check-in time.
    ● RV = Non-status revenue passengers eligible for voluntary standby.
    ● D% = Non-revenue standby passenger (AA employees, family, and friends), where % is an additional number code pertaining to the type of pass and not related to elite status.
    ● VOL = Volunteer for bump to a later flight.
    .........Passengers are ordered by time of volunteering (first come-first served).
    ● DG = Passenger with involuntary (or voluntary) downgrade in class-of-service.
    ● RL = "Flat Tire Rule" passenger missing a flight through no fault of their own or AA.
    ● -T = Through passenger - Addition of this suffix gives priority over other passengers in the same status group, overriding normal time-based ranking. This suffix is supposed to be used for passengers connecting from another flight.
    ● Status indicator numbers (#) = 1 = Executive Platinum; 2 = Platinum; 3 = Gold; no number = no status .

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