When it comes to Golds and MVPs, upgrades are processed in the order customers are placed on the reservations waitlist.
There is no designation between Gold and MVP its looking at the date of the waitlist entry only.
This is how the auto-processor has always worked.
If Mary MVP buys her qualifying fare before Gary Gold, she gets the upgrade first.

Then we introduced 75K's. 75K's have their own higher priority waitlist that is cleared before the regular waitlist.
So Stanley 75K can buy a ticket at any time prior to departure, and have a higher waitlist priority than any Gold or MVP.

So ... at any given time, until 1 hour prior to departure, when a U seat comes available the waitlist is going to look for and automatically clear:

75Ks cleared in date order
MVPs & Golds cleared in date order (with no tier preference)


Prior to the most recent change.. once the check in window started at 24 hours prior to departure, customers on the upgrade waitlist were moved to the airport waitlist which was displayed on the airport screen. If any upgrades were left after all the loopholes were jumped ... the airport waitlist cleared in tier order then by date. (So circumventing the original date-only order.)

Now, the original waitlist runs automatically until 1 hour prior to departure, and the airport agents are also clearing upgrades manually from this same waitlist.

However big screens at the airport still display the airport waitlist ..which is automatically re-ordered by tier, and doesnt currently reflect the actual order that upgrades are supposed to clear.

Please note that the upgrades ARE clearing in the correct order the issue is with how the order is being displayed at the airport.

We are now aware of the issue, thanks to some very in-depth research conducted after QT31415s post earlier this week.
We understand that it is extremely frustrating to not have a clear visual process and are working to find a solution as quickly as possible.