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Thread: Air Canada marihuana policy gone bad

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    Air Canada marihuana policy gone bad

    Michael Korchak was admittedly a little nervous flying home to Toronto from Halifax for the holidays last week.
    This was the first time the Burlington resident was travelling with his medicine on him: a small bottle of medical marijuana.
    He knew from some research that possession of the drug could lead to questioning and delays at the airport. But he thought he was prepared.
    He arrived three hours early for the domestic flight, so his papers could be checked. And he said he told Air Canada employees right away that he was carrying the medicine, and showed them all the accompanying documentation.
    Right off the bat, things didn't go well.

    Burlington man misses flight over medical marijuana mishap

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    I can`t really understand why this happened. I mean, if he was prescribed medical marijuana by his doctor, I can`t really see the problem here.

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    That's a shame! It is medical and he had all the papers, why did they have to stop him?

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