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Thread: Welcome to the Air Canada/Aeroplan forum!

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    Welcome to the Air Canada/Aeroplan forum!

    Welcome to the Air Canada/Aeroplan forum!

    This Master Sticky is meant to serve as an information centre where members new and old alike can come to find answers to a myriad of questions about the airline, Aeroplan and forum organization. It isn't meant to be an exhaustive dissection of every possible topic that relates to the airline & the loyalty program but more of an introduction to both.

    Before we begin a few ground rules about participating in the forum:

    What topics belong:

    •Topics related to Air Canada flights and the broader Air Canada experience. In addition to topics about the airline itself, other "on topic" areas include operational issues that impact travel on Air Canada. Airport strikes, delays due closed runways, weather issues, baggage issues, or any other issue that impacts travel on Air Canada.

    •Aeroplan related discussions; Aeroplan related topics such as planning & booking award travel, bonus offers, credit card enrollment bonus deals, earning points on partners, etc.

    What topics should go elsewhere:

    •NEXUS: Note that the NEXUS Information thread has been relocated to the new Trusted Traveller forum on FT and can be found here.

    •Other Canadian Airlines: Threads on these topics should be posted in their appropriate forum. For Westjet please use the Westjet forum. Porter, First Air and other Canadian airlines should be posted in the Other North American airlines forum.

    •Related to Canada, but not Air Canada or Aeroplan or the exceptions outlined above will be moved to the Canada forum. Examples would include threads general questions about Canada, immigration issues, and "off topic" Canadian topics such as CBC Mini Series, "Deals of the Day", best way to get from the airport to downtown, restaurant recommendations while passing through specific Canadian airports, baggage storage, meeting points, etc.

    •Threads that are not Canadian will be moved to the best home on FT. These would include Star Alliance Threads, threads about UK, France, Other Airlines (United, US Airways, Continental, etc)

    We would encourage you to seek the answers by searching before creating a brand new thread as it may be a topic that has come up previously. Taking this step helps the forum run smoother with less duplicate threads and makes finding the answer easier for the next person.

    We also ask you to use the “Report Bad Post” icon, which is the red triangle in the lower left of each post, to bring to the forum moderators attention any post or thread you feel is inappropriate for tone or location rather than responding directly.

    As always this will be a work in progress and the Moderators will use their best judgment in making a move. If you feel we’ve made a mistake, please let us know via PM or Email and we'll be happy to explain the thought process and will reconsider if a mistake is made.

    Members are encouraged to contact by PM either forum moderator if they have corrections, updates or FAQ suggestions.

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    Aeroplan Mileage Award Table

    Aeroplan Mileage Award Table

    Welcome to the Air Canada/Aeroplan forum!-aeroplan-flight-reward-chart-jpg

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